In Laguna Heights, Texas, Tornado caused 1 fatality and 10 hospitalisations

Officials reported on Saturday morning that a tornado struck Texas overnight, causing one fatality and at least 10 hospitalisations.

Around 4 a.m. local time, an EF1 tornado made landfall in Laguna Heights, a neighbourhood on the Gulf of Mexico coast 180 miles from Corpus Christi. It resulted in “extensive damage,” the neighbouring municipality of Port Isabel posted on social media.

The tornado “popped up out of nowhere,” according to Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevio, Jr., during a press conference on Saturday. The judge said that there was no warning and that “Mother Nature can be very difficult at times.”

Between Port Isabel and Laguna Vista is where you’ll find Laguna Heights. According to officials, the route that connects the three settlements has damage and is temporarily closed to all traffic.

“Multiple structures sustained extensive damage,” according to officials, in addition to the highway. Outages have been caused by broken power lines as well.

Officials stated that search and rescue operations are still being conducted for any additional injuries or fatalities. The Valley Regional Medical Centre has established a triage area for “walking wounded.”

Eleven patients were admitted to Valley Baptist, Harlingen Medical Centre, and Valley Regional, one of them passed away.

At the Port Isabel Event and Cultural Centre, a shelter has been established under the direction of the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and regional disaster management officials.

At the press conference, Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza announced that “extra patrols” and “additional service” will be provided to the neighbourhood to protect the safety of the locals. According to the judge, the county intends to impose a curfew in the region.

The cleanup effort is being carried out by crews from numerous agencies, according to officials.